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Scampi and Chips
Classic Fieldhouse Steak and Chips
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to start your meal

slices of garlic bread

Served with green salad


grilled portobello mushrooms

Topped with garlic butter, crumbled stilton and bacon bits served on a bed of salad leaves


Home made spicy chicken wings

Served with salad and  blue cheese dip £5.95

Ultimate Beef  Chilli Nachos

A large bowl of nachos with layers of chunky beef chilli, guacamole, jalapenos, sour cream, spicy salsa, melted cheese. ideal for sharing 


Half pint prawn cocktail

Shredded iceberg lettuce, prawns. marie rose sauce, sprinckle of paprika and a lemon wedge. Served with quarters of brown bread and butter £5.95

Deep Fried Mozzarella Sticks

Served with a side salad and a spicy tomato salsa £5.95 

tricolor salad

slices of avacard, buffolo mozarella,beefsteak tomatoes sprinkled with basil leaves and home made honey. £5.95

house nachos

Layers of tortilla chips, spicy salsa, guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos and melted cheese (V) £5.95


Delicious burgers

Home made cheese burger

6oz Beef burger on a brioche bun with iceberg lettuce, beefsteak tomato, onion rings and melted cheese served with a side of fries and house coleslaw (add bacon for an extra £1.50)


Fillet 'o' fish

Strips of prosecco battered Haddock served on a brioche bun with iceberg, lettuce, home made tartar sauce and fries and a lemon wedge  £9.95

4oz rump steak

On a brioche bun with iceberg lettuce, onion rings and melted cheese served with a side of chunky chips and blue cheese dip.




On  a brioche bun, beef tomato, melted cheese, smashed avocado, iceberg lettuce and spicy salsa served with fires and house slaw 


Spicy 6oz lamb shish burger

On a brioche bun with melted cheese, ritta sauce, onion rings and beef tomato. Served with fries and house slaw 


classic chicken tower burger

Crispy coated chicken breast, hash brown, melted cheese, onion ring, lettuce, sweet chilli and mayo on a brioche bun with fries and house slaw £9.95

fieldhouse classics 

slow roasted lamb shank

Served on a bed of buttery mash, caramelised carrots, sliced green beans with a jug of homemade gravy £13.95

lion of pork chops

Slices of pan fried calves liver, red onion, smokey bacon, served on a bed of buttery mash with a side of sliced green beans and a jug of gravy £12.95

homemade pie of the day

with a puff pastry lid, handcut chips and peas £9.95

Deep fried breaded whole tail scampi

served on a bed of salad, hand cut chips, peas and devilled tartar sauce 


wild mushrooms garlic pasta

fusilli pasta served with grilled parmesan garlic bread,


homemade curry of the day

Served with papadums, ritta dip and rice


Fresh haddock fillet

Deep fried in prosecco batter, served with handcut chips, garden peas and devilled tartar sauce £11.95

homemade chunky beef chilli

Slow roasted chunks of shin of been, blend of spices, red kidney beans, peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, served with rice, tortilla chips and sour cream £9.95

home made beef lasagne

Served with side salad and garlic bread 



home made spinach and three cheese cannelloni

Served with side salad and garlic bread


cold cuts of gammon

Served with egg hand cut chips and peas


chargrilled meats


10oz horseshoe of gammon

served with egg, pineapple, handcut chips and peas.


tandoori mixed grill

Tandoori mutton chops, chicken tikka skewers, shish kebab, served with fries, salad, mint yogurt and mango dips.


fillet steak (170g)

Served with hand cut chips, onion rings, grilled mushrooms and half a grilled tomato £19.95

rump steak(280g)

Served with hand cut chips, onion rings, grilled mushrooms and half a grilled tomato £14.95

thinly sliced tandoori mutton chops

marinated in a blend of asian spices with a kick of fresh chilli served with fries, side salad, mango and yogurt dip £10.95

Signature Salads

Blue cheese steak salad

Slices of 8oz rump steak, crumbed blue cheese, walnuts, mixed salad and croutons


Loaded tikka salad

 Chicken tikka skewers, mixed salad pakora balls and feta cheese with rita dip


pan fried spinach, bacon and prawns

In garlic butter, served on a mixed bed of salad, lemon wedge and a side of seafood sauce


steak sauces

good companions

portion of onion rings: £2.50

triple cooked hand cut chips:£2.50

portion of crispy fries:£2.50

chilli coated fries: 2.95

house slaw: £2.00

side salad: £2.50

baked beans: £2.00

sunday lunches



Choose from homemade

creamy peppercorn

or creamy Stilton

sauce or wild

mushroom sauce.

Turkey Crown with all the trimmings:    £9.95

Roast Pork:     £8.95

Roast Top Side of Beef:   £9.95

Shank of Lamb:  £12.95

Bowl of Cauliflower Cheese:   £2.95

Pigs In Blankets:  £2.50

Bowl of Extra Yorkies:  £2.50

Bowl of Extra Roasties:  £2.50

Cheese cake of the day:  £4.95

Homemade triple chocolate cake Served with cream or ice cream     £4.95

Homemade Crumble of the day: Served with cream or ice cream £4.95

Honeycomb Surprise with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, cadbury's crunchy bits, squirty cream and chocolate flakes:     £4.95

Strawberry & vanilla shortcake sundae:  £4.95

Mint Chocolate Chip After Eight Delight:  £4.95

Christmas Faye Menu

  • One Course (Main) £9.95

  • Two Courses (Starter or Sweet and Main) £13.95

  • Three Courses £15.95


buffet menu



  • Homemade Soup of the Day

  • Chicken and Liver Pate Served With melba Toast

  • Homemade Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon and Prawn Filo Parcels Served With Cranberry Sauce 

  • Wild Mushroom in Cream Sauce Served With Warm Ciabatta bread



  • Traditional Roast Turky With All the Trimmings 

  • Braised Beef Cooked in Red Wine and Shallot Gravy

  • Roast Lion of Pork Served With Homemade Apple and Bacon Stuffing

  • Homemade Cheesy Vegetable Bake

All Mains Are Served with Roast Potatoes and a Side of Fresh Seasonal

  • Traditional Christmas Pudding Served with Brandy Sauce 

  • Cheesecake of the Day

  • Triple Chocolate cake Served With Vanilla Ice Cream

  • Homemade Crumble of The Day Served With Custard.

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